What is an Affiliate

An affiliate is a person or organisation that is offically attached to a larger organization. How does this apply for a Tourism Centre? For example if we are the Visitor Information Centre and there is a smaller local website that does not take bookings - We can provide that website with code that they can insert on their website that will allow them to have online booking functionality.

View example 


How does this work?

From the above website Norfolk Online get significant website traffic for Norfolk Island, however the did not have online booking functionailty. A such they approached the Norfolk Island Visitor Information Centre and came up with a mutially benifical agreement so that all of the Tourism Centre can process and manage the booking and split a commission with them for bookings made. 



There are a few things that need to be thought of before you go down the path of getting an affiliate setup. We have included some of the options below

  • Intergration from an external developers

As the booking process is powered by the beGadgets they will need to be developed into the affiliate website. It is important to note that the beGadgets are NOT a plugin. This means that the webdevelopers will need to have extensive knoweledge of javascript, PHP and CSS. We reccomend that the developers read the gadget documentation found here and ask any questions before they provide a quote. 

  • Hosted Gadget

If the web developers cannot integrate the begadgets our digital agency Impart Media can provide a "Hosted Gadget Solution". This is what Norfolk Island Online are using. It is a subdomain EG bookings.bookeasy.com where we develop and host the gadgets and bookable process, however we use the theme of your current website, so that a consumer feels they are on the same site.

For a quote please contact us directly.

  • Payment and commission split

All payments will be taken by the main centre NOT the affilate. This means that the commission split between the centre and the affiliate will need to be handled outside of Bookeasy. In Bookeasy we can provide a report where by it will list all bookings made by the affiliate which can be provided. You will also need to have a direct agreement between yourself and the affiliate.

Need further information?

If you require further information please feel free to get in touch with us.

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